Power journey to Teotihuacan

This five-day journey will take each participant on an inner journey to the discovery of self-awareness, leading to the expansion of one’s emotional consciousness. By improving the inner awareness of self, using emotional intelligence techniques taught by Don Todd and Don Luis, you will also gain awareness of the emotionality of others. Your relationships with everyone around you will become enhanced. This awareness of feelings and emotions of self and others, will assist you in navigating social challenges, helping you make personal decisions which achieve positive results for yourself, your family and community.

The five days of this journey will be spent in the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Here you will bond with the unconditional energy of the pyramids, which have been empowered by the Toltec elders and thousands of years of energetic historical experience. We will explore the seven gates of human growth toward self-awareness, individual power, unconditional love and personal freedom. Through the wisdom and knowledge of Don Todd and Don Luis, and what’s held for you in the sacred pyramids of Teotihuacan, you will receive the silent knowledge of self-mastery. This mastery will assist you in discovering your barriers, learning to get past the limits in life and deeply connecting, owning and healing what is not love in you to find a breakthrough to contentment.

Don Luis is one of the leading senior mentors of Don Miguel Ruiz’ Toltec Teachings. He has been teaching this mastery in America and Europe for close to twenty years. Don Todd and Don Luis invite you to experience a life-changing transformation with the help of a loving, supportive group amid the magic and power of the sacred pyramids of Teotihuacan,“where humans become closer to Spirit.”


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