Initial discussion of the Toltec Heart Path

The past year has been full of many challenges, changes, and transformations for myself and family. It is now time to start teaching in earnest. This will be a chance to learn what the Toltec Heart Path has to offer, the ancient wisdom behind it, and the transformation that comes from it’s masteries.

I am planning on doing these introductory meetings periodically throughout the year. Each intro will lead to a mastery series for those that are interested.

The mastery series is going to entail working with the group to assist all those participating to achieve their personal goals. The Toltec Heart Path has the silent inner wisdom that leads to expereincing life as the pure joy and bliss that is heaven on earth. For me, this path has moved me from:
feeling trapped and alone to feeling free and supported
feeling incomplete and meaningless to peace and joy
feeling fearful and unhappy to bliss each moment
feeling unworthy to worthy and deserving
Lost to loving, loved, and lovable
Failure to perfection of Life

If you are interested in finding the peace, joy, happiness, confidence, balance, meaning, and Love that is your heart – come learn the Toltec Heart Path!

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