Discussion of the book “The Four Agreements”

Don Todd Adams will be leading a discussion on the best selling book “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz. He will cover the Toltec Wisdom in the four agreements – how they can affect your life, and how to implement them.

The Toltec wisdom teachings have been effective for thousands of years in helping people be free of fear and drama. Don Todd teaches the Toltec Heart Path incorporating his authentic Toltec wisdom training, life experiences, and educational background. The Toltecs were known as men and women of knowledge, and lived a way of life creating art – the art of dreaming love instead of fear.

The teachings and trainings in The Toltec Heart Path are the traditional Toltec masteries of awareness, transformation, and intent, passed to don Todd through the traditional Toltec apprenticeship training by don Luis Molinar, in the Toltec Eagle Knight lineage of don Miguel Ruiz, best selling author of “The Four Agreements”. Through the Toltec Heart Path, don Todd is committed to supporting the vision of the lineage of the Eagle Knight warriors to shift the dream of the planet from fear to love.


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