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Toltec Heart Path

Do you want a life free of drama and fear? Do you want to learn to live in a constant state of peace and happiness?

The Toltec Heart Path is a way of living that will lead you to lasting deep peace and happiness.

Many people get caught up in always looking for the path that will “set them free”, or give them happiness, or give them a method to “get whatever you desire” just by dreaming of it. I know and understand how and why people seem to have so much trouble actually achieving the results they are looking for. It took me about 12 years of constant searching and trying every method I could find. I would see immediate positive results, then over time my mind would step in and everything would come crashing down…time to try the next method or technique.

Since living the Toltec teachings, I have learned why all my previous attempts failed. I came to realize that I could not use my mind to fix my mind. Your mind is very much like a living computer, and it has been programmed to do what it does by all those outside of you as you grew up. This is what the Toltec refer to as domestication. I wanted change to happen, but I never did the work. In my case, I found that I needed a mentor to keep me on track and help me stay focused. I found that mentor in Don Luis Molinar. He is a first line initiate trained in the ancient Toltec teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, Author of the bestselling book “The Four Agreements”.

A fulfilling life of joy, peace, and unconditionality is achieved through living from the heart. The Toltec Heart Path gives you the methods and direction for you to master the skills of awareness, transformation, and intent. When you put in the effort and action, the results will always follow. Living each moment in Heaven on Earth is achieved through living your life authentically – living from the heart. That is where your joy and Love resides.

You are responsible for your path of freedom. You will determine how you get there. It is your path, your choice, your dream. I know you are perfect as you are right now. You already are pure unconditional Love – pure perfection in every way. Most just aren’t able to see through the fear and drama of their mind to realize it. If you want to learn a way to move from wherever you think you are now, to a state of peace and happiness, the Toltec Heart Path Mastery Training is a way that can give you the direction and assistance to help you get yourself there. I am just a tour guide. I can give you the key and show you the door, you have to open it and walk through.

You can gain the Toltec wisdom through the Toltec Heart Path Mastery Training in the following ways:


The Toltec Heart Path is all about helping you move from mind based living to heart based living. Using simple techniques to focus and grow your awareness, you will gain greater insight into your emotional state at all times and what is creating that state. Through the process of becoming aware of and expressing your emotions, you will learn and understand what has been driving you and your reactions. This will lead you to find and be able to heal those wounds that have been setting blocks and creating self sabotage. Your communication with self and others will improve drastically and your relationships will deepen. You will learn the Toltec art of life. You will find yourself creating a life of peace, joy, and unconditional Love in each moment. I help apprentices through their transformation with weekly or biweekly sessions (depending on the student’s need), retreats, and transformational journeys. Apprentices get the biggest discounts on sessions, retreats, and Power Journeys. The apprenticeship program is set for 1 year commitments from the apprentice and myself. Apprenticeships are by application only. Please contact me below for more information.


Those that want to follow the teachings, but want a bit less intense process, the initiate program is another option.  Initiates will receive personal sessions less frequently. Initiates will also receive a discount on retreats, sessions, and Power Journeys. The initiate program is set up for those that want to learn and practice the teachings, just at a slower rate of transformation. The initiate program is set for 6 month commitments from the initiate and myself. The initiate program is by application only. Please contact me below for more information.


The student program is for people interested in the teachings, and don’t want to commit to a program. Students have access to all the retreats, Power Journeys, and sessions. For information, please contact me below.

If you are interested in the Toltec Heart Path workshops, retreats, transformational journeys, mentoring to get past a major block in your life, or to find that fulfillment, joy, and unconditional love that is your authentic self, then contact me for details.