Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Emotional Intelligence?    Emotional Intelligence is being aware of and connected to the emotions you are experiencing. This awareness shows you what is driving all your limited behaviors and patterns. This awareness is what leads you to true change and joy in your life.

How can it help me? Through the process of becoming more aware of your emotions you gain the ability to heal the things that are behind the behaviors and self sabotage that continue to create challenges in your life. Through being aware of your emotions, you also gain a much deeper understanding and connection to those you have relationships with – from your beloved, to family and friends, and coworkers and bosses. Using Emotional Intelligence will lead you to a balanced and joyful life.

What is the Toltec Way of Living? The Toltec way of living is about moving from mind based living to heart based living. Your mind only knows fear and drama, your heart knows only unconditionality. When you move to heart based living, your old limited behaviors, patterns, and habits fall away and leave you free to choose how you want to be.

Who can benefit? Emotional Intelligence and Transformation Coaching and Consulting is for anyone interested in improving their life in any area. Many people are excellent in a few major categories of their life, but lack in others. This coaching can help to balance your life so that you can live a richer and fuller life.

What do you do with businesses and executives? When the top executives of any business or corporation are out of balance, the entire business will follow. The executives are the leaders of their companies. I work with top executives to help them understand themselves and their emotional states and drivers so that they can create a life of peace and joy for themselves, which then benefits the company in the same manner. I also am available to do workshops to help wellness in employees. As study after study has shown, when health and wellness improve, morale increases, and productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness increases dramatically.

How do you work with people? I work with people through sessions very similar to therapy. The sessions involve me helping my clients get in touch with their emotions and become aware of what the driving forces are behind their behaviors, habits and reactions. Awareness is not enough for transformation though. The next step is to work through ways to safely express the emotions in a manner that will heal. The healing is at a deep level that will generate profound transformation in behaviors, reactions, habits, and levels of joy, peace, happiness, and unconditionality. Sessions are either in person or over Skype.

Are you ready to transform your life? Do you want balance, peace, and joy? Contact me now for a free initial session.


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  1. Hello, I am interested in your workshops, but also if you offer online training also?
    I am based in Germany and am not sure when I can come to America, a online workshop would be much better.

    • As of right now, I offer personal sessions which can be via Skype, FaceTime, or over the phone. I do not have any on-line workshops set up currently. I will be taking a group on a Power Journey to the pyramids at Teotihuacan in August of 2018, and my teacher Don Luis Molinar may be able to join us as well making it an even more powerful and enlightening journey for all!

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