Emotional Intelligence and Happiness Coaching

EQ and Happiness Coaching

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Feel trapped and alone?
  • Feel incomplete?
  • Searching for meaning in your life?
  • Unhappy?
  • Fearful?
  • Feel unworthy?
  • Searching for love?
  • Feel like a failure?
  • Cant hold a loving relationship?
  • Self sabotage?
  • Constant drama in your life?
  • Feel insecure about who and what you are?
  • Lack confidence?

How would you like a simple step by step process to achieve:

  • Feel free and confident to be you!
  • Feel joyful and happy!
  • Feel worthy and deserving!
  • Find meaning in your  life!
  • Feel loving, loved, and lovable!
  • Find a beloved to share your life with!
  • Create balance!
  • Be at peace!

Following the Toltec wisdom in the Toltec Heart Path, you can master the three primary practices – The Mastery of Awareness, The Mastery of Transformation, and the Mastery of intent. In order to complete the masteries, there are a few simple techniques to follow. Mastery will take you to a life of happiness and joy beyond what your mind can imagine now!

Take your power back and gain everything you desire in your life now. I am offering an introductory price right now of: $275/month (4 sessions/month) with a 6 month commitment and a reference if happy at the end. If you are interested in finding the peace, joy, and happiness that is your birthright, then contact me now.

You will learn

1)Mastery of Awareness


a. Stalking – The basis for Emotional Intelligence.
b. journaling – Learn the proper way to utilize journaling to maximize the stalking results.

2) Mastery of Transformation


a. journaling – how to use your journaling and stalking to transform your world.
b. expression – the power way to release so that you have the energy to transform your life.

3) Mastery of Intent


a. choosing – How to set and follow intentions and focus your energy.
b. doing – Taking the actions to cement your intent.
c. being – expereincing and enjoying your creation.

If you are interested in the Toltec Heart Path workshops, retreats, transformational journeys, mentoring to get past a major block in your life, or to find that fulfillment, joy, and unconditional love that is your authentic self, then contact me for details.