The Beauty of the World


The Universe, the world, everyone and everything in it, and you, are all pure light. Everything is pure energy and everything is conscious. We are consciousness going through constant evolution to learn who and what we are. When you see the world as it is, from your heart, it is indescribably beautiful. You can perceive the infinite and eternal beauty of unconditional Love. It is breathtaking and will transform your existence ever after.

What we call our life consists of our consciousness moving through each moment learning and evolving. We are not our body. We are not our mind. We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions. These are all tools we have to create the world we choose. What we are is pure unconditional Love.

This is why the universe and the world is always working to give you exactly what you need at all times. Each moment is co-created by the world to give you the exact experiences and lessons to help you evolve and experience your truth. When we live from our heart, we move into the flow of light and we learn our lessons and evolve quickly. Living from the heart becomes a joyful and peaceful procession of unconditional Love.

How many of you had a positive reaction to this and felt the deep connection to your truth? How many had an adverse reaction and your mind started recalling all your pain, drama, and “negative” experiences that disprove this could be true?

Through your domestication you learned to give all your energy and power to your mind. Your mind has used all it’s wounds, fears, and book of law to attempt to create what it believes it needs to be happy and safe. Unfortunately, all the ideas it chooses to accept about what it wants, likes, dislikes, and needs, are all based on wounds and lies. All those things you keep chasing that your mind tells you are what you want and need are all doing 2 things. They strengthen the power and energy of your wounds and fears. They also keep you from seeing and accepting the lessons your heart desires for your evolution.

We are taught from day 1 to project everything outside. Everything we don’t give ourselves, we search desperately for outside ourselves. We withhold unconditional Love from ourselves, so we search for love from others. We don’t allow ourselves to be what we are and we try to be something we are not, so we search for freedom in the world. We constantly judge and then victimize and punish ourselves based on our false idea of perfection, so we search for justice in the world. We don’t forgive ourselves for mistakes, so we ask forgiveness from everyone else. We see ourselves as imperfect and unworthy, so we always look to get verification from everyone about our worth and importance.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you accept yourself, you forgive yourself, and you no longer search for anything outside. You are whole and you don’t need anything outside to convince you.

When you live from your domesticated mind, you always perceive the world through your judge, your victim, your personal importance, your fear, and your wounds. Your mind’s ideas of what it wants and needs are all based in pain. It always works to hide you from emotional pain, or distract you from it. This makes your mind unable to see or accept the lessons you are being given. The more you fight to avoid learning and accepting, the more intense the experiences for the lesson become. This is a large cause of struggle. Your mind struggles to avoid and then blame the outside world and external experiences for it’s pain. Your mind is cut off from the inner knowledge of the heart. Your heart always knows the lessons and experiences you need and desire. The world gives you the experiences your heart asks for so that you can learn who and what you are. The mind doesn’t see this, so it feels victimized, and lashes out at the world. As long as you choose to stay in your mind, you stay disconnected with the awareness of the fact that you are the one creating all the lessons.

When you surrender and live from your heart, you accept your world and experiences as your teacher. You learn every lesson as it comes and you become grateful for everything. You experience the world as the peace and joyful creation it was meant to be for you. You don’t look for the beauty in everything because you experience it directly. When you accept who and what you are, the lessons become a joyful expansion of life. You see and know the entire world is working to give you everything your heart desires. The flow of love carries you to your heaven on earth. In reality, your heart is always experiencing every moment this way. Your mind is what keeps you from perceiving it directly.

Do you want to experience the world as heaven on earth, each moment being a flow of happiness and peace? Let go of your mind and it’s book of law. Connect with the truth of the Beautiful Light you are. Do the work, and you can live the rest of your life in peace and happiness. That is the Toltec Heart Path.

Belief in the Lie of Society’s Perfection

One of the most devastating and damaging ideas and beliefs that society instills in everyone from birth is “I’m not perfect – I’m only human”! When you accept you aren’t perfect, you accept that you are not worthy. Society dictates that you have to work hard to get as close as you can to perfection to start attaining self worth.This belief goes against everything that all of us knew from birth – that we are all perfect! Once this belief in a false perfection, and therefore unworthy, is accepted, it cuts the child off from their heart. You can’t accept the perfection of the unconditional Love that you are when you believe you are not perfect. For the rest of your life you will be constantly chasing validation from everyone outside yourself to tell you that you are worthy and good enough. After all, they are the ones holding the yardstick. If you receive validation, it is always fleeting. You will quickly not accept it as good enough, because you believe aren’t perfect or good enough. You then restart the struggle to find more external validation. It is a never ending cycle to find worth and love outside yourself. All of this is because you aren’t giving unconditional Love to yourself.

Through our domestication we accept a false idea of perfection. This belief in false perfection consists of the ideals that our parents, teachers and society give us. It is an unattainable goal that others set for us. Eventually we accept the lie as our personal yardstick. At birth we are perfection, and we know it. We experience and express it. Our domestication replaces the inner wisdom of knowing we are perfect (truth), with accepting we aren’t perfect and that we must meet certain conditions to get as close as we can to perfection – conditional love (lies).

The belief in false perfection starts with the idea of good and bad. This judgement/opinion defines everything in our world the moment we accept it. Judgement is conditional love. Think about it, when you are good you are rewarded and are worthy of love, when you are bad you do not receive or deserve love. That is domestication. That is conditional love. It started with society domesticating you until you took over and began self domesticating. You accepted conditional love for yourself.

Conditional love is completely subjective. Every society and culture has a different parameter for good and bad and what the acceptable limits are. It is a creation of the human mind to put order and control into the individual’s world. It defines how you will self domesticate yourself your entire life. Good and bad are the cornerstone of conditional love, and they are what define personal hell.

Through our idea of good and bad we create all of our beliefs in right and wrong, holy and evil. This leads to creating should and shouldn’t, likes and dislikes, desires and aversions, want/need and don’t want. They become your definitions of self and they cut you off from your freedom. Your self domestication and definitions create your automatic responses and reactions to your mind’s perception of the world. You lose your freedom of choice. You don’t even challenge your mind and it’s definitions and reactions because it will punish and abuse you. You also don’t challenge them because your mind tells you “That is the way it is”, “That is how things are”, “That is what I like”, “That is what I want”, “That is how the world works”, “I’m not perfect”.

I challenge you look at your belief in false perfection. See where it came from. What are the ideas and beliefs that define it? Do they serve you? Do they help you create love and joy in your life? Where did it come from? When did you accept it as your belief?

To help you become aware, ask yourself this question for every role or idea you have about who you are and how you fit into society. Write down your answers and definitions.What makes you a good, and bad X? for example, what makes you a good and bad son or daughter? What makes you a good and bad mom or dad? You can realize that every definition you put on yourself will have the idea of a false perfection for you to strive for. That image of perfection is what the world told you that you have to be to be good enough and worthy of love. You can only be, and only are, the perfect you. That never changes.

The real you knows you are perfection. If you want to experience the beauty and perfection of your self, and your world, then make the choice. Take the first step and begin to move from the conditional love your mind holds to the unconditional Love you are.

The Toltec Heart Path gives you a map that can lead you back to your truth. It helps you regain the awareness of unconditional Love in each moment. You can be free of chasing external verification and ideas of perfection. You can experience self acceptance and love in each moment and experience. You can Love yourself unconditionally. This is how you create your heaven on earth.

The Toltec Art of Peace and Happiness

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The Toltec Art of Peace and Happiness

The Toltec Heart Path

Most people have had at least one experience where they had a spontaneous stopping of their mind and they experience a moment of pure bliss, joy, and serenity. These experiences are when we get a glimpse of the perception of the world that our heart experiences every moment of our lives. Most people try to define and describe these moments the best way their mind can. Their mind works hard to put the unlimited experience they just felt into their box of definitions and descriptions. As soon as this happens, the communion is lost. How many of you desire experiencing every moment of the rest of your life in the same perception as those rare experiences? That is where the Toltec Heart Path takes you. It is a set of practical techniques and methods that move you to live your life in a constant state of communion, living, perceiving, and expressing from your heart.

This is the start of a series that will cover the Toltec Heart Path. The Toltec Heart Path is a series of teachings following the thousands of years old Toltec traditions. They are a practical method that moves you from the fear and drama of mind based living to the peace, joy and unconditional Love of heart based living. I was initiated into the Eagle Knight lineage of the Toltec tradition through my apprenticeship with Don Luis Molinar, as he received them through his apprenticeship with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the bestselling book “The Four Agreements”.

Through the upcoming series of articles, I will do my best to describe the direction and express my experiences of living the Toltec Heart Path. The Toltec Heart Path is an experiential path of living from the heart. The heart experiences reality directly as truth – pure light, pure unconditional Love. The mind cannot translate that into words, as there are no words that can adequately describe it. As soon as I use words, the definitions and meanings of the words are already putting a limit to the unlimited. In order for to receive the information in these articles, you will use your mind to read and interpret. The mind always works to understand through defining and interpreting through language. The mind cannot fully comprehend infinity or eternity. These teachings only give you a direction to shift your perception towards. This is why the Toltec Heart Path is meant to be practiced until you move your awareness back to your heart. You then experience yourself as you truly are, in your infinite, unlimited beauty.

The word Toltec really translates to artist. As humans, we are artists of Life. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are not your emotions. These are the tools of our art. We use our body, our mind, and our emotions as our paintbrush and paint to create our art. We are the life that creates, moves, and directs the body, mind, and emotions. We use our physical tools (mind, body, emotions) to perceive, interpret, and express.

The world that our mind perceives and the truth of the world are two separate things. You use the senses of the body to become aware of the “outside” world. Your body then converts your senses into an electric charge that your brain accepts. Your mind then works to make sense of and interpret the raw data by filtering it through your book of law and its past experiences and knowledge. The world your mind perceives is completely virtual. The Toltec refer to this as dreaming. We are always dreaming, whether it is the awake dream or the asleep dream. There is no real difference in the two. In both, you are creating a virtual replication of reality – a virtual world. The reality is that the world, the universe, is light. It is all pure unconditional Love, the same as you. You get to use that to create a universe all your own.

The virtual world in your mind is your playground. It is where you get to be the artist. What kind of world do you want to create and experience? This is where you will choose to experience your heaven on earth, or your own personal hell. When you allow your mind to control your perceptions from your domestication and through your book of law, you will always be painting a reality of fear and drama. This is creation from limited energy. When you live from the heart, you paint a world of unconditional Love. This is creation from unlimited. That is a world overflowing with peace, joy, and happiness. That is seeing the world as it truly is. With that in mind, the Toltec Heart Path gives you the tools to master awareness, master transformation, and master intent. As you proceed through the masteries, you heal your wounds and take back the power to create from the heart. You transform the limited energy within you back to the unlimited. You go back to creating heaven on Earth.

We are the force of unconditional Love moving through the universe. As such, we are free to create as we desire. Our true selves are always experiencing existence in bliss. Through the Toltec Heart Path, you will shift your awareness from the mind’s creation of fear and drama to the heart’s pure expression of unconditional Love. Then you will return to creating and expressing your art from that point of peace and Joy.

These techniques and teachings have worked for millennia, and will work for you if you choose to put them into practice. The key is putting them into practice. Knowledge without action will only feed your mind. Make a commitment to yourself, do the work, and persist in your practice, all the while being gentle with yourself and remembering that the real you is light – unconditional Love. This will carry you into living a life full of peace, joy, and happiness.

Join me in the upcoming article to hear my story of transformation from perpetual fear to peace and happiness…



Toltec Mastery Teachings

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I am beginning the Toltec Mastery Teachings this November 8 at 2pm. We will begin from the beginning with the initial teachings and practices. These teachings are about moving from where you are, mind based living which is centered around fears, drama, and wounds to heart based living which is pure unconditionality. The process is about moving through awareness-acceptance-forgiveness-deservedness. It really is about finding the deep peace inside you that fills you with a constant state of joy and happiness no matter what is going on around you. It is about loving yourself unconditionally.

In order to get to that place of peace and freedom, you must face yourself. You must heal your wounds. You must become aware of your wounds, your fears, and everything that drives all of your behaviors. This is where we start. We begin by mastering our awareness so that we can find and heal our wounds. So that we can understand ourselves so that we can make real lasting change in our lives towards peace, joy, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

This is going to be an intensive and progressive class that is designed very similar to an apprenticeship. You will be given exercises and techniques to work on. Each time we meet, we will go through what is coming up for each of us. I will push you to look at and be aware of all those things inside yourself that your mind is hiding from you so that you can heal.

The exchange for each session will be $10 starting. For those that come in later, you will have to schedule a time with me prior to catch up with where we are at in the teachings. Everything in this process builds. You can’t jump in and learn recapitulation before you have mastered stalking. I am not going to cover the basics every sessions to catch those up that haven’t been participating each month.

I look forward to seeing those of you truly interested in changing your life from the fear, drama, and wounds you experience daily to a life of deep peace, joy, and unconditionality each moment.

The location is going to depend on how many RSVP. I will email those that RSVP a couple days prior to each session, so if you want to participate, RSVP in time to receive the location.

You don’t have to Change

IMG_0746You Don’t Have to Change

You really don’t have to change, even though you will. The nature of being is change. Most of what people experience as “pain” is the resistance to change. The more you try to hold onto the past, or the way things used to be, the stronger the response. When you resist that the people in your life change because maybe that change moves them away from you, you have a powerful emotional response, and you work very hard to hold them tighter. When you try over exercising to hold onto a certain body type as you age, or cosmetic surgery, or eating habits, or social patterns, or mid life crisis, or a bigger house, etc. There are so many different ways we fight change.

The most painful and debilitating fight against change, which most people don’t even realize, is a fight against releasing our emotional wounds, or repressed emotions, and holding on to our story. When you were growing up and you had an experience that brought up strong emotional responses that you had no way to process at the time, you asked your mind to help you, and it did. Your mind hid those emotions away till you could process them. This was a wonderful tool at the time. It helped you survive. This becomes an issue when you never go back and heal those wounds. Not only have you held those initial emotions within you, but every time you have an experience that brings the same emotions up, your mind stuffs it down with the others that feel the same. This builds over a lifetime.

Have you ever wondered why you reacted the way you did, after you have a powerful emotional response that is way out of context? That is the overflow of those wounds you are hiding from yourself. Those wounds want to be healed. They want to be expressed fully and completely. They are always with you. Just because you don’t think you are carrying around a lifetime of fear, anger, guilt, shame, grief, etc., you really are. Your mind is doing the job you gave it so long ago – hide me from these powerful emotions that I can’t deal with right now! It is still hiding them from you. As long as you have not gone in and found your wounds and worked with them to express and heal them, those emotions are always being felt by you.

So what does this have to do with change? Your fight to avoid healing your wounds is your mind fighting to remain the same. As long as you hold onto those wounds, your mind is fighting with all your might to maintain the seperation, to keep your emotions out of your awareness. This of course then leads to maintaining the same reactions to the same triggers. Your mind is fighting to maintain the habits, behaviors and patterns that it created for you as an infant and a child to hide you from your wounds. It has become completely unconscious. It has evolved to more subtle and mature ways of hiding from yourself, but that is still what is going on.

How many times do you wonder why you keep repeating similar patterns and experiences, just with different people and places? How many times have you worked to change behaviors and patterns only to fall back into them when you stop focusing on changing them? How many times have you been successful at removing one poor habit only to have it replaced with another addiction that may appear healthy, but when looked at is still a destructive pattern of avoiding the real issues inside yourself?

The most wonderful part of this world, this life, is that we have the choice to decide what we want. Do we want to continue in our habits,patterns, and behaviors? Do we want to change a little to just relieve the pressure? Do we want to have a balance of being truly happy 50% of the time and not the other 50%? Do we really want to put the effort in to becoming truly joyful all the time? Everyone has a choice, and no choice is wrong. Every choice you make for yourself is perfect for you, where you are. For me, I chose a path that says I will do all the work that is necessary to create a life of complete 100% joy and unconditionality. It is not an easy choice, and I have no idea if I will ever get there. I do know that I have gone from a place of being miserable, depressed and in constant fear (which I never realized the depths till I did the work), to a place where I am at peace and happy most of the time. I fully accept myself as I am, and I desire to be even happier, but the joy is in being who and what I am, and that is perfect right now.

I would like to suggest that anyone that wants true change with deep peace and happiness, to find someone that can guide you through healing and expressing your wounds. It doesn’t matter the path you choose on that journey to freedom, whatever path works for you is what is best for you. Remember to look for a teacher or guide that is coming from a place you want to be, someone that has done the work and understands how to get there. Learning a path to freedom and experiencing it are two radically different things. A teacher can only take you where they have been experientially. If you are interested in the Toltec Heart Path, I am available for sessions via Skype or in-person.

The Power of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is probably one of the most powerful forces for change in your life. This isn’t a new concept. You hear this from every area of your life. Most self help teachers repeat it over and over again. How many times have you realized that if you don’t forgive someone, you will keep yourself stuck in a negative pattern?

Most people think that forgiveness is something we need to give to others, or get from others. People look externally for forgiveness the same as we project all our other wounds, because our minds don’t give it to ourselves. Through our judge and victim, our mind cuts us off from what our hearts already hold for us – forgiveness.

Something to keep in mind is that until you forgive yourself, you cannot forgive others. Until you love yourself unconditionally, you cannot love others unconditionally. Until you don’t judge or victimize yourself, you cannot stop judging or victimizing others. Until you are completely honest to yourself, you cannot be completely honest with others.

My teacher once told me that the steps in the path of transforming to a life of joy is as follows: awareness-acceptance-forgiveness-deservedness. These steps are not just covering overall aspects of your outer world, but most importantly your inner world. What in the world does that mean?

Every moment of your life is the only moment there is. This is what living in the now teaches you. The past is gone and is not the truth of who and what you are experiencing NOW. The future is a lie that your mind loves to dangle out in front of you to steal your energy. The only reality that exists is the reality you are experiencing right now. The Toltec way of life leads you to live intensely in the now.

When you make the commitment to being a Toltec warrior on your path to freedom, you begin learning how to take your awareness, your attention, back from the tyranny of your minds focus on your wounds and hiding them from you and your world. The art of stalking guides you to regain your energy and power. You begin to become aware of who and what you truly are. You begin choosing from the heart instead of your mind which is always choosing from your wounds. When you move to awareness and begin healing and living from your heart, your mind moves back to being the tool it was meant to be for you to function in the world instead of the controlling force in your life. Remember, your mind only knows and understands its filters. Your mind’s filters are all your wounds you have been holding and hiding from yourself, they are your judge and your victim-stance, they are your personal importance, they are the lies about you and your world that your mind chose to accept as truth when you were domesticated.

So as you cultivate your awareness through stalking, you begin to find your wounds and you heal those wounds through owning them, accepting them, and expressing them.  You

The next challenge you will find yourself up against is forgiveness. This is going to come up on a constant basis. Every wound you have, every lie you have accepted about yourself, every instance that you are holding where you went against your “book of law (lies)” that you find within yourself, every judgement you make against yourself, every time you victimize yourself…you will have to forgive yourself. It is good to understand that all the repressed emotions that are tied up in your wounds and lies are always with you. you are ALWAYS feeling them. Your mind will always hold them as long as you don’t accept them unconditionally and forgive yourself. This emotionally energy is why you create the hell that you do in your life. It is why you don’t see the world as heavenly the way your heart experiences it. Just imagine how incredibly light you will feel when you no longer carry with you all your wounds and strong limited emotions. All that limited emotional baggage that always peeks its head out just as you think things are going good. You can have that unconditionality, that joy and lightness in your life, everyone can, it just requires that you do the work.

Unconditionality really means complete acceptance. When you look at it, it seems so obvious, unconditionality = no conditions = acceptance. For most of us, we can’t get past our judgements, expectations, beliefs, ideas, the lies about our world and ourselves, our worth or belief in a lack thereof, and all of our other wounds that say “NO! Things MUST be different for me to accept myself and be happy!” Every wound, lie, belief, expectation, and judgement sets us up to put conditions on everything in our world, most importantly on ourselves. Through acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves and our wounds, we gain the joy and unconditional life we all desire.

Are you ready to transform your life? Do you want balance, peace, and joy? Contact me now for a free initial session.

What is emotional Intelligence

executive life coachingWhat is emotional intelligence and what does it do for you? 

Emotional Intelligence is a tool to gain a joyful balance in our lives. Through increasing our emotional intelligence, we become more aware of our emotions, what drives us, what is creating the good habits and behaviors, and what is creating the behaviors and patterns that cause us drama, pain, and grief. Emotional intelligence helps us become infinitely better communicators and therefore create and hold deep lasting relationships – both personal and business. Through improving our emotional awareness and intelligence, we begin to heal those areas within us that are holding us back and we transform naturally and powerfully. There are several parts and steps to emotional intelligence.

1. Awareness: The first step is to become aware of our emotions. As I learned when I started working on my emotional intelligence and through working with people, most of us have no idea what we are feeling most of the time. On top of this, we don’t know where our strong emotional reactions and outbursts come from. This creates a lot of confusion within ourselves and with the people that are on the receiving end of the outbursts. How can I be happy when I have no idea when, why, or if I will have a reaction come up that emotionally ruins my day? How can I be happy consistently when I blame everything outside myself for my emotional reactions, when the reactions are mine? Becoming aware of our emotions and where they are coming from will dramatically transform our lives, even if we do nothing else with this awareness.

2. Acceptance: The next aspect is acceptance.This really is part of awareness, but it is important so I have separated it out. When we were very young and had powerful emotional events in our lives that we couldn’t process, we put them away for future processing. This is referred to as repression. We learned to do this, and we learned it well. This skill persists into our adulthood. Now we tend to repress most of our emotions that don’t feel good. Eventually these emotions build and blow, just like a teapot that releases steam. These explosions only relieve some pressure and keep the emotions just under the point of explosion. What does this have to do with acceptance? We repress because we refuse to accept the “bad” or “negative” feelings. We either avoid them or try to bury them. We do not accept them. As long as we do not accept all of our emotions, we cannot become aware of them.

3. Express: When we accept our emotions and gain awareness of them, we begin to move through the source of our behaviors, habits, and patterns that have run our lives, both good and not so good. The next step is to learn to express our emotions in a positive and safe manner. The way I have experienced this is that all of our repressed emotions are there just waiting to be expressed. Once they are expressed, the drivers and causes of many negative behaviors, habits and patterns are healed and released. When these are gone, the old behaviors just fall away. You become free to choose how you want to act and react. You gain freedom to be your true self.

4. Transformation: This is where true transformation occurs. When you heal your wounds and release the repressed emotions you quickly transform into your true authentic self. What does that mean? Your authentic self is what you were before you created all your behaviors, habits and patterns for coping with the repressed emotions. It is what you were before you had to hide from yourself and began to act based on hiding from feeling. It will amaze you when you become aware that all of your actions and behaviors come from hiding from feeling your emotions. When you no longer have to hide, you are free to be joyful. You are free to choose the life you want. You begin to move through life following the joyful part of you.

5. Freedom: The last step is the choice to feel what you want to feel. You no longer react out of fear, or pain, or drama. You gain the ability to see and understand what is going on both sound you and inside you and then decide how you want to act. You can choose to remain peaceful and calm in the eye of any storm. You can choose helpful and positive behaviors in the face of any obstacle. You become a leader in all aspects. You become what you choose to be.

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Boundaries Make Freedom Possible

Robert Augustus Masters – Boundaries Make Freedom Possible

Posted: 26 Sep 2012 08:22 AM PDT

The September 24th, 2012 Integral Post at Integral Life features an excerpt from Robert Augustus Masters‘ fantastic book, Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters. You can read my very favorable review of the book at the Amazon page.

Boundaries Make Freedom Possible

September 24th, 2012

Boundaries are an essential part of life. They delineate and maintain needed borders and separations, making differentiation possible at every level. Boundaries both contain and preserve the integrity of what they are safeguarding, be that physical, psychological, emotional, social, or spiritual. Without them there is no relationship and therefore no development, no evolution. But despite this clear truth, we often fall into the trap of believing that boundaries hold us back, preventing us from being free or realizing nondual consciousness — whatever untroubled, idealized state we may aspire to. If we thus equate having boundaries with being limited and if being limitless is a cherished goal for us, we will tend to view boundaries as a problem, an obstruction to freedom, something to overcome.
Real freedom, however, is not about having no limitations; rather it is about finding liberation within—and also through—limitation (as when the apparent constraints of committed monogamous relationship actually enrich and deepen the relationship). Real freedom does not mind limitations and in fact is not limited by them.
Boundaries make freedom possible by clarifying what must be worked with, not just personally and transpersonally, but also interpersonally. Since everything — everything! — exists through relationship, it is crucial that we learn to work well within relationship, both with others and with our own needs, states, and identity. This work is not possible if our boundaries are not clearly delineated and skillfully maintained.
Whether our boundaries are collapsed, blurred, abandoned, trampled, disregarded, nurtured, overpoliced, cemented, or honored, they determine our edges, limits, borders. Boundaries may be overdefined, underdefined, or ambiguously defined. What really matters is what we do with our boundaries: Do we use them to fortify our ego or to illuminate it? Do we lose ourselves in them or hold them in healthy perspective? Do we use them to keep ourselves from love or to deepen our capacity to love? Do we concretize them or do we keep them flexible? Do we allow them to be overly permeable or do we allow them to be as solid as circumstances require? Do we use our boundaries to isolate ourselves or to create and deepen connection?
Without healthy boundaries, we cannot have healthy relationships.
Without healthy boundaries, we stunt our growth.
So what are healthy boundaries? They are steadfast guardians, serving both to contain and preserve the integrity of what they are safeguarding. Boundaries don’t just hold space; they make and honor space by keeping it appropriately compartmentalized. They keep particular aspects of us enclosed until they are sufficiently developed. A premature rupturing of self-encapsulation (as when we are forced into adult responsibilities when we are young children) interferes with our development, leaving us with leaky or otherwise dysfunctional boundaries.
A healthy boundary is a psychophysical presence — a kind of energetic membrane — possessing the necessary firmness to protect us from invasion, intrusion, violation, and other dehumanizing or life-negating forces, as well as the resiliency to soften and open to what is beneficial for us.

Healthy boundaries serve our highest good. They are akin to the loving parental hand that holds our hand as we take our first child-steps along a seaside wall or a playground ramp, gripping us neither too tightly nor too loosely. That touch, so reassuringly solid and steady, gives us the courage to venture farther afoot.

Welcome to the Toltec Heart Path

Imagine living in a state of pure joy and unconditional love, where every moment is bliss. That is how your authentic self, your heart, lives, and has lived, every moment of your life! That is the power of the Toltec path…it leads you out of the chains and drama of your mind back to your heart. You relearn how to live authentically, unconditionally, joyfully, in freedom – you see and experience the heaven on earth your mind has kept hidden from you.

This is what the Toltec Heart Path is about – helping you to experience your life in that state of fulfillment and joy, Unconditional Love!

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