Toltec Mastery Teachings

I am beginning the Toltec Mastery Teachings this November 8 at 2pm. We will begin from the beginning with the initial teachings and practices. These teachings are about moving from where you are, mind based living which is centered around fears, drama, and wounds to heart based living which is pure unconditionality. The process is about moving through awareness-acceptance-forgiveness-deservedness. It really is about finding the deep peace inside you that fills you with a constant state of joy and happiness no matter what is going on around you. It is about loving yourself unconditionally.

In order to get to that place of peace and freedom, you must face yourself. You must heal your wounds. You must become aware of your wounds, your fears, and everything that drives all of your behaviors. This is where we start. We begin by mastering our awareness so that we can find and heal our wounds. So that we can understand ourselves so that we can make real lasting change in our lives towards peace, joy, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

This is going to be an intensive and progressive class that is designed very similar to an apprenticeship. You will be given exercises and techniques to work on. Each time we meet, we will go through what is coming up for each of us. I will push you to look at and be aware of all those things inside yourself that your mind is hiding from you so that you can heal.

The exchange for each session will be $10 starting. For those that come in later, you will have to schedule a time with me prior to catch up with where we are at in the teachings. Everything in this process builds. You can’t jump in and learn recapitulation before you have mastered stalking. I am not going to cover the basics every sessions to catch those up that haven’t been participating each month.

I look forward to seeing those of you truly interested in changing your life from the fear, drama, and wounds you experience daily to a life of deep peace, joy, and unconditionality each moment.

The location is going to depend on how many RSVP. I will email those that RSVP a couple days prior to each session, so if you want to participate, RSVP in time to receive the location.

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