The Toltec Art of Peace and Happiness

The Toltec Art of Peace and Happiness

The Toltec Heart Path

Most people have had at least one experience where they had a spontaneous stopping of their mind and they experience a moment of pure bliss, joy, and serenity. These experiences are when we get a glimpse of the perception of the world that our heart experiences every moment of our lives. Most people try to define and describe these moments the best way their mind can. Their mind works hard to put the unlimited experience they just felt into their box of definitions and descriptions. As soon as this happens, the communion is lost. How many of you desire experiencing every moment of the rest of your life in the same perception as those rare experiences? That is where the Toltec Heart Path takes you. It is a set of practical techniques and methods that move you to live your life in a constant state of communion, living, perceiving, and expressing from your heart.

This is the start of a series that will cover the Toltec Heart Path. The Toltec Heart Path is a series of teachings following the thousands of years old Toltec traditions. They are a practical method that moves you from the fear and drama of mind based living to the peace, joy and unconditional Love of heart based living. I was initiated into the Eagle Knight lineage of the Toltec tradition through my apprenticeship with Don Luis Molinar, as he received them through his apprenticeship with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the bestselling book “The Four Agreements”.

Through the upcoming series of articles, I will do my best to describe the direction and express my experiences of living the Toltec Heart Path. The Toltec Heart Path is an experiential path of living from the heart. The heart experiences reality directly as truth – pure light, pure unconditional Love. The mind cannot translate that into words, as there are no words that can adequately describe it. As soon as I use words, the definitions and meanings of the words are already putting a limit to the unlimited. In order for to receive the information in these articles, you will use your mind to read and interpret. The mind always works to understand through defining and interpreting through language. The mind cannot fully comprehend infinity or eternity. These teachings only give you a direction to shift your perception towards. This is why the Toltec Heart Path is meant to be practiced until you move your awareness back to your heart. You then experience yourself as you truly are, in your infinite, unlimited beauty.

The word Toltec really translates to artist. As humans, we are artists of Life. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are not your emotions. These are the tools of our art. We use our body, our mind, and our emotions as our paintbrush and paint to create our art. We are the life that creates, moves, and directs the body, mind, and emotions. We use our physical tools (mind, body, emotions) to perceive, interpret, and express.

The world that our mind perceives and the truth of the world are two separate things. You use the senses of the body to become aware of the “outside” world. Your body then converts your senses into an electric charge that your brain accepts. Your mind then works to make sense of and interpret the raw data by filtering it through your book of law and its past experiences and knowledge. The world your mind perceives is completely virtual. The Toltec refer to this as dreaming. We are always dreaming, whether it is the awake dream or the asleep dream. There is no real difference in the two. In both, you are creating a virtual replication of reality – a virtual world. The reality is that the world, the universe, is light. It is all pure unconditional Love, the same as you. You get to use that to create a universe all your own.

The virtual world in your mind is your playground. It is where you get to be the artist. What kind of world do you want to create and experience? This is where you will choose to experience your heaven on earth, or your own personal hell. When you allow your mind to control your perceptions from your domestication and through your book of law, you will always be painting a reality of fear and drama. This is creation from limited energy. When you live from the heart, you paint a world of unconditional Love. This is creation from unlimited. That is a world overflowing with peace, joy, and happiness. That is seeing the world as it truly is. With that in mind, the Toltec Heart Path gives you the tools to master awareness, master transformation, and master intent. As you proceed through the masteries, you heal your wounds and take back the power to create from the heart. You transform the limited energy within you back to the unlimited. You go back to creating heaven on Earth.

We are the force of unconditional Love moving through the universe. As such, we are free to create as we desire. Our true selves are always experiencing existence in bliss. Through the Toltec Heart Path, you will shift your awareness from the mind’s creation of fear and drama to the heart’s pure expression of unconditional Love. Then you will return to creating and expressing your art from that point of peace and Joy.

These techniques and teachings have worked for millennia, and will work for you if you choose to put them into practice. The key is putting them into practice. Knowledge without action will only feed your mind. Make a commitment to yourself, do the work, and persist in your practice, all the while being gentle with yourself and remembering that the real you is light – unconditional Love. This will carry you into living a life full of peace, joy, and happiness.

Join me in the upcoming article to hear my story of transformation from perpetual fear to peace and happiness…

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