The Beauty of the World

The Universe, the world, everyone and everything in it, and you, are all pure light. Everything is pure energy and everything is conscious. We are consciousness going through constant evolution to learn who and what we are. When you see the world as it is, from your heart, it is indescribably beautiful. You can perceive the infinite and eternal beauty of unconditional Love. It is breathtaking and will transform your existence ever after.

What we call our life consists of our consciousness moving through each moment learning and evolving. We are not our body. We are not our mind. We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions. These are all tools we have to create the world we choose. What we are is pure unconditional Love.

This is why the universe and the world is always working to give you exactly what you need at all times. Each moment is co-created by the world to give you the exact experiences and lessons to help you evolve and experience your truth. When we live from our heart, we move into the flow of light and we learn our lessons and evolve quickly. Living from the heart becomes a joyful and peaceful procession of unconditional Love.

How many of you had a positive reaction to this and felt the deep connection to your truth? How many had an adverse reaction and your mind started recalling all your pain, drama, and “negative” experiences that disprove this could be true?

Through your domestication you learned to give all your energy and power to your mind. Your mind has used all it’s wounds, fears, and book of law to attempt to create what it believes it needs to be happy and safe. Unfortunately, all the ideas it chooses to accept about what it wants, likes, dislikes, and needs, are all based on wounds and lies. All those things you keep chasing that your mind tells you are what you want and need are all doing 2 things. They strengthen the power and energy of your wounds and fears. They also keep you from seeing and accepting the lessons your heart desires for your evolution.

We are taught from day 1 to project everything outside. Everything we don’t give ourselves, we search desperately for outside ourselves. We withhold unconditional Love from ourselves, so we search for love from others. We don’t allow ourselves to be what we are and we try to be something we are not, so we search for freedom in the world. We constantly judge and then victimize and punish ourselves based on our false idea of perfection, so we search for justice in the world. We don’t forgive ourselves for mistakes, so we ask forgiveness from everyone else. We see ourselves as imperfect and unworthy, so we always look to get verification from everyone about our worth and importance.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you accept yourself, you forgive yourself, and you no longer search for anything outside. You are whole and you don’t need anything outside to convince you.

When you live from your domesticated mind, you always perceive the world through your judge, your victim, your personal importance, your fear, and your wounds. Your mind’s ideas of what it wants and needs are all based in pain. It always works to hide you from emotional pain, or distract you from it. This makes your mind unable to see or accept the lessons you are being given. The more you fight to avoid learning and accepting, the more intense the experiences for the lesson become. This is a large cause of struggle. Your mind struggles to avoid and then blame the outside world and external experiences for it’s pain. Your mind is cut off from the inner knowledge of the heart. Your heart always knows the lessons and experiences you need and desire. The world gives you the experiences your heart asks for so that you can learn who and what you are. The mind doesn’t see this, so it feels victimized, and lashes out at the world. As long as you choose to stay in your mind, you stay disconnected with the awareness of the fact that you are the one creating all the lessons.

When you surrender and live from your heart, you accept your world and experiences as your teacher. You learn every lesson as it comes and you become grateful for everything. You experience the world as the peace and joyful creation it was meant to be for you. You don’t look for the beauty in everything because you experience it directly. When you accept who and what you are, the lessons become a joyful expansion of life. You see and know the entire world is working to give you everything your heart desires. The flow of love carries you to your heaven on earth. In reality, your heart is always experiencing every moment this way. Your mind is what keeps you from perceiving it directly.

Do you want to experience the world as heaven on earth, each moment being a flow of happiness and peace? Let go of your mind and it’s book of law. Connect with the truth of the Beautiful Light you are. Do the work, and you can live the rest of your life in peace and happiness. That is the Toltec Heart Path.

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