The Toltec Heart Path

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The Toltec Heart Path is a teaching that follows the traditional ancient Toltec Mastery teachings of the Eagle Knight lineage. I have received and lived these teachings through my mentor/teacher, don Luis Molinar, as he received from his mentor/teacher don Miguel Ruiz, Author of “The Four Agreements”. These teachings are the primary basis of my Emotional Intelligence & Transformation Coaching.

Everyone develops wounds within themselves as they go through life. Most wounds begin as a child through what the Toltecs refer to as domestication. This is the time of your life when you are deciding who you are based on your parents, teachers, siblings, and friends. These wounds and ideas are carried by your mind throughout your life. They not only become a part of who you think you are, they also end up generating all your habits, behaviors, and patterns of drama that end up taking all your energy and attention. Through this process, everyone loses the awareness of who and what they really are – their authentic self. 

The Toltec Heart Path is a way of living that enables you to reconnect with your heart, to heal your wounds, to take back control of your life from the fear and drama of your mind.  Living this way will lead you to a life of, fulfillment, joy, unconditional love, and acceptance and forgiveness for yourself and others. When you begin to heal yourself, you will live and express more of the unconditional love that you are. You will pass that on to everyone in your life – your beloved, your family and friends, your community, and the world.

These teachings have transformed my life from a relatively constant state of fear, drama, and self-sabotage into peace, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, and unconditionality. The teachings have facilitated my awareness and healing of deep wounds that generated previously self sabotaging behaviors and habits. The path has created a deeper, more loving and understanding relationship with my family and beloved. My relationship with my wife has become more incredible than I could ever have imagined, greater than any story or fairytale ever described! Choosing to find my wounds, accept and forgive myself, and to live authentically has created the most powerful transformation I have ever experienced, and I look forward to sharing the teachings with others so that you too can find the balance and freedom from drama in your life. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

For more information on my teacher, don Luis Molinar, visit his website here.

If you are interested in becoming a student, an apprentice, or desire to host a workshop, please visit the Toltec Mastery Training page for details.

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